• Peter

    Peter, aside from being a larger than life character in the industry, has a pedigree to be envied. He started working and did is apprenticeship in the print industry later managed a large team at the BBC and landed up at FIRA as commercial Director. His interest in the cable management industry stems from having held influential positions with some of the major players in this market, before joining the team at Surkit.

  • Phill 1

    Phil started his working life in a Heatpump factory developing and manufacturing control panels, giving him a technical foundation for electrics. Having held sales positions in the cable management industry he identified a need for a fast turn-around desk socket modules and invented the Surkit product and developed it over a number of years.

  • Team image

    We work with a great team, all who bring their professionalism and creativity to the Surkit brand.


Surkit is an innovative new range of modules that provide power sockets for offices.

In response to specific end-user demands, it was critical that the design allow for a very simple, cost-effective and flexible assembly that can easily be tailored to meet their exact needs.

To this end, we have developed Surkit 16 & 32 – a modular system that can be built up to create a vast array of combinations and to also future-proof the product against new and emerging technologies.

Featuring printed circuit board (PCB) technology, the core of the product design is a double-sided PCB which supplies power to the socket outlets on the face of the unit.

Before Surkit, the PCB has had very limited use in this specific area but it offers several distinct advantages over conventional wired and soldered units –

  • The provision of very reliable and consistent conductivity.
  • No risk of poor joints and crossed connections.
  • It takes up minimal space.
  • Greatly reduces the amount of copper required.
  • Significantly reduces assembly time.

The design of the PCB also allows the orientation of the power outlets to be rotated and set during manufacture giving greater flexibility.

From the PCB “core”, a series of modules with faceplates can be built up to offer a variety of safety and technology features. The field-leading flexibility of Surkit encourages creativity; designers and users can tailor the product to their specific needs – both in terms of performance and appearance.

Surkit, uniquely, needs no internal wiring to provide either a 16 amp or a 32 amp rated power supply.

The only variation is the type of supply connection in and out of the module – This depends on whether the client is using the integral building power supply to distribute the power to desk modules via a 13amp plug from floorboxes, or from a 32amp underfloor track via Copex /floor grommet connecting directly into the desk module.  Either way, Surkit can accommodate client needs.

The Surkit range of modules includes under-desk, desk-mounted, screen-integrated, flip-top and every other application currently available in the sector.

Surkit is manufactured and distributed exclusively by Juice Innovations – a dynamic British company leading the world in its field!